-Prayer Team-

Team up with other kids just like you and pray for your family, friends, school, and each other!

When you join the prayer team you’ll receive free updates, including an online prayer package full of cool stuff that will help you grow in your Christian walk. Visit www.ok2pray.com to join the prayer team today!
James 5:16, “ …Pray one for another…”

*Encouraging kids to talk to God
*Teaching kids the importance of prayer
*What it means to pray
*How to talk to God

“OK2PRAY was formed with the mission to teach this generation of young people the power and purpose of prayer. Our mission is to counter the misinformation and myths surrounding prayer in the Public School and the role of prayer in our current culture.  We hope to be an encouraging step toward a healthy relationship between God and community as we continue encouraging kids to talk to God!”
Sincerely, Roy J. Belt, Jed Elkins, Frank Belt

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